In 500ml bottles 8 $

Moonshine Blond 5%
Moonshine Red 5%
La Saison 6,2%
Double Ipa 8%
Noire Majestueuse 8,1%

Classic Cocktails
11 $

* Also available alcohol free 6$

Dry martini
Litchi martini
Old Fashioned
Mojito, regulier ou framboise*
Kir cassis, framboise, orange ou fraise (royale 13$)
Bloody Ceasar*
Aperol Spritz
Long Island Ice Tea

Cocktails Signatures
12 $

* Also available alcohol free 6$

Fondateur – Bowmore, Bénédictine, Vermouth rouge, on ice
Concombre* – Gin Hendrick’s, cucumber, soda, syrup and estragon
La Grande Dame* – Vodka, strawberry purée, basilic, simple syrup, lemon juice
L’Opéra – Gin Ungava, orange and romarin syrup, grapefruit juice, romarin
Le Deschamps – Spiced rhum, simple syrup, pecan bitter, orange zeste, on ice
Le Wilfrid – Peach vodka, ginger syrup, soda, ginger
Juliette – Vodka Method 95, Lillet, peach puree, simple syrup, thyme
Le Symphonique – Spiced rhum, Amaretto, Galianno, pineapple juice, lemon juice, egg white
Limonade* – Canadian Club, Triple sec, Angostura, simple syrup, soda, lemon juice
Caïpirinhia Des Champs – Cachaça, Chambord, lime juice, wildberries
Margarita Pêche* – Tequila, Triple sec, peach purée, peach bitters
Le Vert – Vodka, Bénédictine, celeri, basilic, lime juice
Le Smoking Pépé* – Vodka, Clamato, Chipotle puree, Worcestershire sauce, chorizo
Pomme Collins – Gin St-Laurent, soda, simple syrup, jus de lime, green apples
Le Maestro – Vodka Method 95, Maple Syrup Sortilège , soda, blueberries from Lac-St- Jean puree
Le Jeannot – Rose gin, Fragoli, soda. frozen strawberries, mint
Brandy Sour – Apple brandy , lemon juice, simple syrup, spiced bitter
Cherry Poppins – Barbancourt Rhum , Red Vermouth, black cherry syrup, spiced bitters, on ice

Glass 11 $ | Half 16 $ | Pitcher 30 $

Sangria Blanche – Sparkling wine, Triple Sec, white cranberry juice, green apples, earth cherries
Sangria Rosée – Rosé wine, Vodka, white cranberry juice, frozen blueberries
Sangria Rouge – Red wine, Rhum, Grand Marnier, apple juice, soda, orgeat syrup, lemon juice
Sangria Litchi et fraise – Sparkling wine, Soho, Fragoli, litchi, white cranberry juice, strawberry, mint